Animal Welfare Laws

Animal Welfare Laws

Are you familiar with Franklin County’s Animal Control Laws? You may think you are but most residents really don’t know the full extent of them. Below are the major points that would most likely affect you and your pets. Keep in mind that the SPCA of FC is only providing these for informational purposes. If you have been involved with a rabies case, had an animal picked up by animal control, or other animal related dispute please contact Animal Control and/or your lawyer for more help.

If you want to read the laws in their entirety you can download them: Franklin County Animal Control Laws

The most important parts of the law are:

  • You are not to harm in any way an animal in your care. This includes physical harm and neglect.
  • You must provide the basics for shelter: Housing protecting the animal from wind, rain, snow, ice and sun including extreme heat and cold; fresh water must be available at all times; food must be provided on a regular basis. Failure to do so is considered neglect.
  • It is not allowed for your dog to wander freely – meaning it should be on a leash at all times unless it is confined to a fenced in area on your property.
  • All animals four months and older in your care must have a current rabies vaccination and a certificate as proof of that vaccination. The tag must be on the animal at all times. (Cats are exempt from wearing the tag but we do recommend microchips.)