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Pet Health

Your Pet’s Health

Wondering about giving vaccinations to your dog or cat? Or what about how to trim your dog’s nails? You’ll find that basic info here plus we’ll be adding to this page so bookmark it for future reference.
While we will cover some of the basics we want to encourage you to develop a relationship with a local vet as they are qualified to help you when your pets are sick or injured. They can also help you keep your pets healthy by advising on medications, flea and tick treatment, feeding amounts and exercise routines.

Vaccination Schedules for Dogs & Cats

Download a Dog Vaccination ScheduleWatch a video on how to vaccinate your dog

Download a Cat Vaccination ScheduleWatch a video on how to vaccinate your cat

Please remember that all dogs and cats over 16 weeks (4 months) of age that you care for must be vaccinated against Rabies.

Various low cost vaccination clinics are held around Franklin County as well as surrounding counties. You can check our calendar for upcoming dates.

Trimming your Dog’s Nails

This can be an easy part of your dogs grooming routine if you keep it a positive experience. Most dogs have very sensitive feet – after all they use them to feel just like we use our hands. So make sure to handle your dog’s paws with care while doing the nail trimming. And reward each and every time the dog allows the nails and feet to be handled.
One word of caution – if your dog has dark colored nails you will need to be extra cautious as it is more difficult to see the nail bed.

Download How to Trim your Dog’s NailsWatch a video on how to trim your dog’s nails

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