Pet Pantry Clients

Pet Pantry Clients

The PET PANTRY is not designed to provide clients with all of their pet food needs, but to supplement what they are already providing and lighten their pet care burdens. 


All SPCA PET PANTRY Clients must meet eligibility guidelines before being accepted in to the program.  Anyone receiving state or federal public assistance should qualify for our services.  Some of the types of public assistance that qualify you for the SPCA PET PANTRY include:

  • EBT [Food Stamps]
  • WIC
  • Unemployment (North Carolina only)
  • Disability
  • Section 8 Housing


If you would like to apply for services from the SPCA Pet Pantry, you will need to complete an application.  Application review may take up to 2 weeks.  If you meet our eligibility guidelines, you will be notified and given information on how pet food will be distributed.  In some cases, a small supply of emergency pet food can be given until your application can be reviewed.

If you need help feeding your pets, please complete an SPCA universal application and return to us at or mailed to 1614 US HWY 1, Youngsville NC 27596.

 Pet Food Distributions

Pet food is distributed once per month, when we have enough food.  There may be times when a distribution cannot be held due to our inventory of pet food.

Once approved, Pet Pantry Clients make appointments to come to the SPCA office to receive pet food for their pets each month.  It is helpful if they have access to the internet as scheduling appointments includes an on-line sign-up process.

Appointments are first-come, first-served.  If a client does not make an appointment, they will not be able to receive any pet food that month. We cannot take walk-ins.

Pet Pantry Client Requirements and Expectations

We have a 5 pet per client maximum.  If a client has more than 5 pets, they will only be able to enroll 5 of them in our program.  We also ask clients not to obtain any new pets while receiving PET PANTRY services.

All pets serviced through the SPCA PET PANTRY must be fixed either before or during Pet Pantry use and remain current on Rabies Vaccination as required by NC Law.  If a client needs assistance with spay/neuter services for their pets, we can refer them to one of our other programs such as SNIP.

The food supplied by us may not feed all of a client’s pets for a long period of time and we ask them to continue making arrangements to supplement the food they receive from the PET PANTRY.  All pets must be maintained in a healthy home environment and have their basic needs met by their owner.